DOT Annual Inspection Training Online is a cost effective, simple way to become familiar with the sections of The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations required for Qualified Inspectors. Whether it is a small shop or a large fleet, this training is easy to implement company wide to get all inspectors on the same page. Eliminate the misconceptions behind Commercial Motor Vehicle regulations and reduce the number of roadside violations your trucks or customer’s trucks receive.

Although there is no specific DOT Annual Inspector Certification available, inspectors must meet certain “qualifications”. These include being knowledgeable of certain sections of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. These sections and more are covered in DOT Annual Inspection Training Online. Each section is concluded with a short review that must be passed before moving to the next section. Users then must pass a general knowledge quiz at the end in order to receive a certificate.

Users can progress at their own pace, logging in and out as much as needed to complete the course. Users are in control of their learning and can go back and review material as much as needed to ensure they understand the content before proceeding. 

$99 per user / Fleet discounts available. 

DOT Annual Inspection Training Online

Meet course requirements and Get Your Certificate Today!

Includes required sections of FMCSR for Qualified Inspector Requirements including:

  • Part 390 – Definition of CMV
  • Part 393 – Lighting, Brakes, Chassis, Fuel systems, etc. 
  • Part 396 – Inspector Qualifications, Inspection Reports, Record Keeping
  • Appendix G – Minimum Inspection Standards 

Course is self paced allowing users as much time as needed to successfully complete the course. Each section must be passed in order to advance and each paid registration allows access until the course is complete. No worries about failing and having to pay again. Each user receives a certificate upon completion. DOT Annul Inspection Training Online covers the required sections that inspectors must be knowledgeable of to be qualified.

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