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How do I get a federal certification number to perform DOT annual inspections?

There is no federal certification. Inspectors must meet the qualifications listed in FMCSR 396.19 and 396.25 which includes required experience and knowledge of specific FMCSR requirements. Our programs include the knoweldge requirements.

I have been doing DOT inspections for 20 years, do I need to take a training course?

We recommend anyone performing commercial vehicle inspections complete a training course that focuses on DOT regulations. There are many misconceptions about what is required and completing a training program will help you understand the regulations and better perform regulatory inspections.

How do I get my mechanics certified to do the federal inspections in house?

There is no "certification". As long as they meet the qualifications listed in FMCSR 396.19 and 396.25, your inspections can be done in house by trained and knowledgeable inspectors. 

Does this course make me an authorized State Vehicle Safety Inspector?

No. If you must have a State Issued Sticker, please contact your state's vehicle licensing agency (DMV, etc.) for specific licensing and training requirements. In many cases, the inspection requirements will be similar, however, there are additional requirements through the state to be an authorized inspection facility. 

Does this cover annual inspection requirements for trailers?

Yes. The course includes required components for both self propelled and towed motor vehicles.

Do I have to pay again to retake the course if I don"t score 80% or better?

No. The course is designed so that users must pass each section before moving on to the next. You may take as much time as needed to complete each section with a passing score. 

What if I do not complete the course within the deadline?

Users can request the deadline to be extended by contacting customer service. 

Do I need to complete the online course and the classroom course?

No. Each course format includes all the same information and it is the choice of the student which they prefer. 

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